Handy Hundreds 2020

Want a quick way to boost your club’s funds? You can get $500 simply by choosing Bendigo Bank in Castlemaine and tagging your account as a Mt ACE supporter. Mt Alexander Community Enterprise Inc is providing $5,000 for local groups to share under the Handy Hundreds program for 2020. Members, family or friends can help support your group reach the easy goal of one new customer opening an eligible Bendigo Bank account at Castlemaine branch or two existing customers tagging their accounts as Mt ACE supporters (Maldon Community Bank accounts ineligible)


Just send an email to letting us know:

  1. Your group’s name and what you intend to do with the funds.
  2. Your contact details : name, phone, email

You will receive notification of your group’s acceptance.

Then you can arrange for your supporters to either open a new customer account at Castlemaine Bendigo Bank branch or 2 existing customers to tag their accounts as Mt ACE supporters –  it’s that easy!   See details below.



*The first 10 clubs who have registered and then meet the requirements, will receive the funds. Registration is only an expression of interest and does not ensure priority for funds.

*Requirements are 1 new customer to Bendigo Bank Castlemaine or 2 existing customers tagging their accounts as Mt ACE supporters (excludes Maldon Community Bank accounts). If you need to open an account at another branch please phone Castlemaine branch on 54724666. New customer accounts: savings, loan or investment (excludes Christmas Club accounts)

*Includes applications from school parent groups.
Includes all not-for-profit incorporated groups in the Mt Alexander area whose programs show a direct benefit within our region.

*Individuals can open/tag accounts and support a group’s application

*Funds can only go to groups not individuals

*Maximum of $500 per group

*Mt ACE committee reserves the right to alter this criteria dependent on individual circumstances

*Sports clubs should embrace the ‘Good Sports’ program guidelines

Simple aquittal requirements are a photograph of the product/event/outcome with acknowledgement/promotion of Mt Alexander Community Enterprise Inc.



When you tag your account as a Mt ACE supporter, the bank or telco will give Mt ACE a small monthly commision.  These funds are then distributed throughout our local area as grants and donations.  It costs you nothing, there are no extra charges and no changes to you account and there is no privacy disclosure. Instead of head office handing out funds, local people get to decide how funds are distributed within the local area.

Mt ACE is a voluntary incorporated local group that receive their funds as a monthly commission from Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Telco which they then return to the community for local projects and local groups.